Host Gator Hosting Review The Pros and Cons

Host Gator Hosting Review The Pros and Cons

A blog or website is a very important part of the business to drive traffic and for its success, right. Do you know what is the real important part in starting a website, that is honest and best performance web hosting service, providers.

You must be thinking who is the best web hosting provider, there are hundreds of hosting companies who promise to deliver the quality and support, but in the end, you only get is regrets.

The good news is we got your back and after our own experience with many hosting service companies, we concluded which one is the best and here we have done research and brings you the detailed review of the best web hosting company.

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So, stay tuned till the end for a valuable advice from us.

Host Gator

Yes, our experts and hundreds of user have the same review about Hostgator. It is one of the best. Here are some facts, Hostgator has hosted over 8 million domains and is considered as one of the best web hosting company. The key features of HostGator are its quick and easy 1-click install feature, unlimited storage and bandwidth. Many of the hosting companies don’t provide unlimited anything even if they provide they charge tons of money from you.

Hostgator offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting also.

We have been using HostGator for over 7 years now and we didn’t find any reason to switch.

Like many other product and services each have their pros and cons, so get your popcorn and watch the fun, may you will find your hosting partner here.


The amazing features that HostGator provides in its hatchling basic package and some other features are below.

  • Features:  HostGator provide numbers of features which every user can easily access and can completely create their own website without any technical help and guidance. In 1-click install button in HostGator site builder, you can easily install any website content control system like WordPress, Joomla and more.


  • 4000 free templates: what you need to create a beautiful website, coding? no!. 4000 free amazing templates is more than enough to build amazing and beautiful website design from thousands of options.


  • Unlimited storage space: imagine your website have to store some data of users for further need like some order details in e-commerce sites ,then if your hosting provides 10GB of storage then I must have to say ,you have made the wrong choice, for that kind of work ,you need a large storage space and this is what Hostgator is helping you . you can blindly trust on the space limit because it is unlimited.


  • Unlimited bandwidth: low bandwidth is fair of the website which gets 100 to 1000 visits per day but for a large number of traffic you need an amazing bandwidth. Remember most of the companies don’t provide unlimited bandwidth in their basic packages, for that you have to pay more which will be very expensive. but HostGator is providing unlimited bandwidth to all in its basic packages.


  • Unlimited emails: a company email is very important because in past a company visiting card was very valuable and now email has taken its place as a well-created email makes an impression of a professional company and its owner. Hostgator is providing an unlimited email so you can create as many emails as possible.


  • 9% uptime: most of the hosting companies will cost you some few bucks less but what you are compromising is the uptime of your website. So who don’t know what is uptime then it is the time till your website is being live. Many hosting services compromise with it and that leads your site down and that will be annoying for users if they can’t it. Hostgator promises the 99.9% uptime of your website and I didn’t found any user who has said their website having troubles.


  • Money back guarantees: HostGator provides 45 days money back guarantee if you feel like this hosting is not fulfilling all your need then you can switch easily in 45 days from purchase and you will get your full refund.


  • Amazing billing: Hostgator has two types of the billing process, one is monthly and other is yearly. most of the hosting companies give yearly billing and you can do anything about it, you will have to pay for the whole year. But in Hostgator, you have a choice. Remember longer the billing period, the longer will be the discount.


  • Free migration: if you feel that this hosting service is not reliable for your site then Hostgator offers free of cost migration of all your accounts to another hosting provider absolutely free.



Every good thing have some bad sides also, so here are some of the cons of Hostgator

  • No free domain: Many hosting companies provide a free domain name for the 1st year after they charge for renewal, but Hostgator don’t provide free domains. You will have to register a new domain and host it on this website. That is a bit something you want.


  • No free SSL certificate: nowadays google has changed its algorithm and now it only rank those sites which have SSL certificate which is basically a certificate of the genuine website and user feel safe browsing your site.


  • Extras: at the time of sign up you will see that many other services have been added to your package which increased the total cost. You may don’t even know what are these extras needed so you can uncheck any extras if not sure what to do with that, you can anytime add those extras back whenever you need.


Expert advice: 

In my suggestion, you should make a budget plan and decide where you want to spend and do it in the right place. You should plan for long-term goals and if you are planning to give up in few months then you should not do it as it takes full of dedication and hard-work which can take time and choosing right hosting plan is the most crucial part. Do decide wisely.

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What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is businesses that supply area on a server claimed or rented to be used by using customers, and further giving internet availability, mostly in a records middle. Website Hosting is a carrier that enables associations and those to submit a website or web page onto the internet. A web host, or net web hosting issuer, is a business that offers the improvements and provider required for the internet site or webpage to be visible inside the internet. websites are hosted, or placed away, on excellent pcs called server.

Most website hosting companies require that you personal your domain which will host with them. if you do no longer have a domain, the website hosting organizations will assist you to buy one.

Right here are some features you need to be expecting from your website hosting issuer:

E-mail debts As referred to earlier, maximum website hosting carriers require users to have their own area call. With a site call (e.g. and email account capabilities furnished by way of your hosting organization, you may create area email bills (e.g.

WordPress guide WordPress is an internet website advent device. it’s far an effective blogging and internet site content material control device, which is a convenient manner to create and manipulate internet site. WordPress powers over 25% of websites on the net. maximum web hosting providers will tell you proper away if their plans are WordPress-like minded or now not. The simple requirements for hosting your WordPress websites consist of: Hypertext Preprocessor version 7 or extra; MySQL model five.6 or more.


There are many web hosting companies provide the service but every user to connect the best web hosting through the fast, reliable and affordable. So I recommended you go for the Computer Host. It is the best web hosting service provider in India and unlimited data storage and the best part this origination your requirement to full fill in this service provider. The best idea to achieve web hosting to provide the user to build the business. Computer host provides the web hosting like (Cloud, VPS, Dedicated server, Email Hosting, and More), so I will suggest you go for Computer host.

Disk Area

All internet web hosting bills offer a positive amount of disk area that you can use to shop your web files. it’s far endorsed which you have some sort of estimates on what you want for various duties The amount of area you need for your emails, web files, databases, and so forth. through breaking down your utilization, you may higher estimate how lots of space you have to cross for.

Bandwidth or Facts Transfer

Very often internet hosts speak about bandwidth and information switch as the identical entity. however, they may be in fact, exceptional.

Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transferred at one time.

information transfer is the actual quantity of statistics transferred.

think of it this manner. If bandwidth had been a tunnel, the larger the tunnel the extra vehicles can bypass thru it. facts transfer might then be the number of automobiles allowed to undergo the tunnel in a given term, say a month.

The much less bandwidth you have, the slower it takes your website to load, regardless of your visitor’s connection kind. traffic will wait their turn. The fewer records transfer you’ve got, the more often you’ll discover your internet site unavailable due to the fact you’ve got reached the maximum quantity of data allowed to be transferred.

To decide what is sufficient, you need to take into consideration the scale of your internet site and the range of traffic you’ve got in a month’s time.

E-mail Bills

E-mail debts are a commonplace characteristic of net website hosting, in particular in case you are hosting a domain. There are three important forms of email bills: POP3, forwarding, and aliases.

POP3 debts are the traditional inboxes. you have an area on the server to store your emails, and at the identical time, you may use an email software to download your mail. every login and password mixture generally equates to at least one account.

Forwarding mail debts are useful in case you are employing the service of any other organization to filter your emails for you. in preference to storing your emails for your mail server, emails are redirected to another email address.

Aliases bills are much like forwarding mail accounts. some hosts assist you to set up a catch-all alias, that is regularly used to collect emails sent to addresses not diagnosed through your mail server.

FTP Get Entry To

After you have created your internet pages for your computer, you want to transfer those files on your internet server. The documents are transferred to the server by using use of FTP

FTP is likewise the protocol of downloading your internet documents from the server on your laptop, i.e. backing up your website documents.

FTP get admission to the usage of FTP helps you to add files from your neighborhood computer for your internet server. in case you build your internet site the usage of your own HTML documents, you could transfer the documents out of your pc to the network server through FTP, permitting your internet site to be accessed through the internet.

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