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How to use Twitter for Business Marketing



The limitation of words makes Twitter a platform where you need to make everything count. It is therefore concise and to the point. The platform unique yet there are common grounds with other network that requires you to synchronize the overall social media strategy accordingly.

Social Media Synchronization

Do make sure that your entire platform is able to give a unified message, which in case of Twitter starts off with giving appropriate profile and cover photo that is similar to other networks. The biggest advantage of Twitter is that your every tweet is shared on feed of each follower, unlike Edge Rank on Facebook when status is posted. Conversation on pictures is comparatively easy on Twitter as compare to Pinterest.

Make Brand Presence

The first thing considered is your profile and cover pictures, the second thing is your introduction. In order to make strong foundation make sure that you add a personalized touch by telling your brand story in the best possible way. Your Twitter username is your mark of identification in the pool of other brands. So it should be simple, highly obvious and punctuation-free. You can customize the background to make it gel up with the overall profile. The location, website and bio should be clearly mentioned keeping ease of customer in mind.

Organize Your Connections

The golden rule for Twitter is that you are not defined by those who follow you; rather it is about whom you follow. Be picky in following the first few specially and remember aggressive following can lead to suspension of your account. Then make separate categories for customers, suppliers/partners, competitors, organization and professional networks.

Communicate To Perfection

The right use of photos, videos and hashtags in manner that your posts get favored and retweeted often is the key for communication. Be bold to tweet from heart and be responsive to reply on related tweets and direct messages. Add a human touch by answering the questions directed towards you directly and even to questions that are related to your industry. Do synchronize your website and specially blogs. You can add timeline of twitter to your website by usage of widget. As there is limitation of characters, so using URL shortener is a great idea. Get your mobile connected, and do cross check that your Twitter app and mobile website is functioning well.

For better analysis of your progress use Twitter Analytics for checking performance, building community, finding effective tweets and generating better results.

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How to choose the best social media marketing tool for your business



Before starting off with the social media marketing tool, we will share an experience with you. There was a business that was best when it converted from typivcal brick and motor system to click and mortar one. The SEO campaigns were sky rocking and everything was just as expected. Yet over the years they analyzed that the growth of company was slow pace. They checked for the Pay Per Click that was fine, even their social media campaigns were going OK. After analysis they realized that the only thing lacking was social media marketing tool being used. As their target market was mostly available on Twitter, and their focus was on Facebook only. Social media marketing tools help in collaboratively executing campaigns across multiple social media networks saving time and resources.

It is crucial to be everywhere your customer is; following full funnel approach of creating brand awareness, lead generation and conversion.

Research And Problem Solving

Before starting off with the hunt for best social media marketing tool, one should do proper research for the reason of up gradation or initiation of new tool. Do make sure that you are well versed with the problem in hand for better management of strategy in long run. It includes knowing the goal to achieve by this social media marketing effort, the basic motivation point to work on new tool and the result expected from  the team in return of working through it.

Identification for Tools That Work For You

There are multiple mediums through which you can identify a number of tools. For that you can use the famous ones like Google and Youtube or go for indirect channels like search engine journal and social media examiner. There are a number of tools that aid you in scheduling, analyzing and publishing content with ease, make a list of those that are aligned with your purpose.

Test Drive for Identifying the Most Appropriate Tool

As most of the tools are available for free trial, check them all out with the help of your evaluation team. Take time to explore every side of the tool and brain storm on the experience you get. For evaluation the user experience is the first thing to consider. As this tool will be used on regular basis sp make sure they are crisp and clear to understand and work on, without the need of putting a lot of time in training for it. Prepare a detailed report on everything and take time to get feedback from team. Check for the level of security and integration. Great tools never come for free, so do make sure that you calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) in comparison to the price of product.

Congratulations, you have identified best social media marketing tool for your business that will give you long term growth for an extended period of time.

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Facebook Marketing Tips and tricks

facebook marketing tips

facebook marketing tips

The Facebook marketing tips and tricks vary as according to industry though the basics remain same throughout.Here you will read some useful tips to do marketing through Facebook.

Know Your Objective

It is something of foremost importance. One needs to find out the basic objective that is expected to be achieved. It can be to increase visit on your website, generate likes on your page or gaining greater engagements of customers. The use of facebook has gone beyond laptop and desktop PC to mobile phones. 60- 70% of customers use mobile phone, so make sure that you have an app support on your page.

Bid the Best

You can also go for paid medium of marketing and bid for advertisement. The payment can be based on click, impression, likes. You can have a daily or life time budget to support your campaign. The advertisement size purely depends on the type you are going for, though the standard 1200px X 627px is used by default by many. The 600 pixel wide advertisement looks best on newsfeed.

Know Your Target Audience

You can find out your target audience by checking through Facebook Insight. You can segment the market as according to location, age, gender, relationship status, language, education, and workplace. It can be further narrow down for better results. But remember you need to explore by experiencing the strategy that best works for you.

Content for Engagement

You can get creative in this part and go for your own unique touch keeping your business in mind. There are people who have gained greater success by posting blog, testimonial, news, interesting facts and much more. But while doing that make sure that the post content is comprehensive with not too many words. Videos get most engagements, pictures stand on second and pure content comes last; so go for a perfect mix of everything.

The Latest Trend

It is your call to be attention grabbing on Facebook. Though meme are getting greater popularity where the right combination of picture and witty text make wonder. Sharing of posts by page fans can be a greater way to engage more people. You can tag them, so even your post is visible to their friends and friends of friends. You can hold a contest, Like vs Share is one of such way. You give two choices and ask customer to Like it if they think first one is right and share it if they think second option is right. Now we have smiley addition with Like button so you can use them too.

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Is LinkedIn good for finding jobs?


Whether you are a senior professional or someone starting your career LinkedIn can help you in a number of ways. It is the digital resume that gives firsthand knowledge about your expertise, skills and job experience. In this era where the “fun to learn” is given high consideration, people expect the job search be a “fun to earn” process. As according to online survey the new generation consider LinkedIn a grandfather thing, yet its importance can be evident with the number of sign ups on an average.

The USP of LinkedIn

LinkedIn stands as a professional platform to network for employees and employers alike. The strong job board and search engine compatibility makes it an ideal option for jobs. The updated profile of employee and employer can aid to a greater extent in utilizing this network for job seeking purpose.

Way to Connect With Employer

Through LinkedIn one can research for openings in favorite company and even helps in connecting to potential employers. As according to a research, employers in all domains except scientific and engineering, search the employee profile on this network. So is it not better that the moment employer look for you, they get complete details on you beforehand.

Platform for Sharing Experience

Here one can share experiences like conducting/ attending workshops, a certification and everything that can give your professional profile a boost. The best part is that one can update it regularly to make “noise” in professional network about achievements.

Place To Find Future Job

Even if you have a stable career, you never know, your potential employer or your dream job is on the path to reach you. So keep your profile up to date and connect with those who share similar job interest as you for future benefits.

LinkedIn Verdict

The LinkedIn is as good as the user, because the better updated profile you have, the more are the chances that this platform will support you. It is not the platform that will give you magical results, rather your efforts in the domain that will bring long term benefits.

We discussed the importance of LinkedIn in finding best job for you. So if you are still not on LinkedIn it is a great idea to be there and explore a platform that might help in boosting your career. For those on passive on LinkedIn be active by endorsing skills, writing recommendations and updating your skill sets.

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5 Best Practices to Promote Your Business on Social Media


Social Media is the best platform that shows even short term results clearly. The businesses should invest on it with clear consideration to strategy formulation with content creation and execution to the best. Many believe that new things should be tried to stand out from the crowd. It might be true but the basics should not be ignored at any cost. The 5 best practices to promote your business on social media is as follows:

Know the Purpose

Knowing what you are doing takes you a long way. If you are starting a business and are looking for ways to reach your prospective customers, you need posts that generate awareness about “Me also Here”. If you are an already established business that already have social presence and want to promote something new, you need to embed your latest update with regular ones. So first of all the purpose should be identified, so you have clear picture of results to achieve.

Combine Marketing Channels

When you are promoting your business your target market should be well-defined. After that you identify networks that they are most likely to be available. First you need to focus on the single medium where there are high chances of engagements. But long term success lies in mastering diverse networks and synchronizing them all well. The popular networks to master include Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

Carve Differentiation

You should have posts tailored in manner that your unique selling proposition is highlighted. Get creative with contents with more of indirect promotion. It is said that in order to generate interest the ratio of promotional content should be as low as 1:7.

Give a Personal Touch

People get attached to brands that are not just products rather more like a person. Do make sure that you share your expertise, build relation and respond to complains. This way will help you in becoming top of the mind brand for customer. Here one should understand need of customers and respond as a one stop solution.

Connect With Competitors

The two most important people in the business are customer and competitor. Making allies in competition is a great idea for better penetration in market. This should start off by competitor analysis of social media campaigns and posts. It can be a win-win situation if implemented strategically.

There is much more to the business promotion in social media that depends on the nature of product/ service one sell. So make your own list of best practices and implement it to learn better.

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