As the world of digital marketing is expanding, the competition of making your website ranked on the first page of the search engine is increasing as well. That’s where SEO jumps in, it’s a process of optimizing your website to increase organic traffic. At first, SEO appears to be a process which only optimizes your website but in actual it offers a vast variety of benefits, following are few of them:



The search engine traffic includes people who are already looking for a solution to a problem that YOU solve. By putting relevant search words you can attract relevant traffic without even pushing out advertisements to persuade them to buy as the traffic is already interested in your product.


The overall expense of conventional advertisements to attract customers is a lot expensive than the whole SEO process. In order to optimize your website to increase organic traffic, you only need to hire a good SEO agency or firm and that’s it. No further expense as is the case with an advertisement.


SEO is a form of marketing discipline which remains available 24/7. The rank on which your website appears on a search engine wouldn’t just disappear overnight rather it’s there for a longer period if your SEO strategy is an effective one.


Customers searching with a specific problem in their minds need relevant and exact information and SEO does just that. It enables customers to make informed decisions with ease and comfort.


You can’t deny the fact that people trust Google, so if your website is ranked on the top of this trust-able search engine, people will automatically consider you as a credible solution to their problem. The only thing you are required to do is hire the best digital marketing agency in Pakistan which makes sure to take your website on the top rankings.


Once the trust and credibility have been established with the customers, it becomes easier to maintain a long term bond with customers as they are likely to put you first in their consideration list next time when they are in search of something again.


Touch-points are the points where your brand or product may come in customer’s sight. A good SEO strategy increases the likelihood of maximized touch-points and thus increases the number of potential buyers and purchases.


Once the customer becomes aware of the products and services your brand has to offer, they might pay your store a visit as well in the future. Hence SEO also drives offline sales.


Smaller businesses can have an edge on larger companies by making use of effective SEO strategy as larger companies tend to be more inclined towards advertising. Hence a strong SEO strategy can help you acquire customers and give competition to larger businesses.

The above-mentioned points are only a few of all the benefits SEO has to offer, if you are looking to maximize the reach of your business and give your company a taste of all these mentioned benefits, then you have landed on one of the finest SEO agency in Pakistan. Put your trust in us and enjoy the best SEO services in Pakistan.

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Some common SEO myths for your information

Some common SEO myths for your information

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is commonly known by the people in the marketing world. It is one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing that works to optimize the traffic on a website through keywords, and other strategies.

Keywords are relative search words or phrases that are commonly searched by the lay people for results on a search engine such as Google. Hence, websites on Google are ranked from first to last, according to their traffic, mobile-friendly behavior, and in accordance with the keywords.

Hence, SEO has an interconnection with content writing, as the most searched keywords are then used in different web contents, blogs, articles, Meta descriptions, titles, and many more to make it easier for the people to get results over their searched short or long tail keywords.

In simpler terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is about searching for appropriate keywords to be used for better traffic by ranking higher on a search engine.

Some common SEO myths for your information

Some common myths about search engine optimization (SEO):

When it comes to SEO, there is no one single myth. Hundreds are born every day, and about hundreds are debunked. Often these myths are heard by businessmen and entrepreneurs who then have doubts about whether they should opt for this service among all the digital marketing services, will it actually help them, or are these myths actually true, and is SEO actually dead?

Hence, following are some of the most common myths of search engine optimization (SEO) in digital marketing that we all have heard of:


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very time consuming:

The first myth or misconception we often hear about SEO is that the process is very time taking. Also, the results are short term. This myth is totally wrong and illogical. Search engine optimization (SEO) may be time-consuming, but we need to know that every service we opt for takes time to set its roots in the business and to make the position of that business better than before. Also, there is barely any truth in the saying that SEO is for short-term purposes. Believe it or not, SEO takes time but the effects are definitely long term. Not only does SEO creates brand recognition and credibility, but it also helps a website rank higher on the search engine.


  1. The experience one faces on a website does not matter at all:

There is no doubt that we create a website for the consumers so that they can go through it, recognize the brand, trust it, and use it for their own purpose for e.g. for online shopping, for getting information about the brand and what is it offers and many more. Due to this reason, we need to take care of the fact that a consumer actually likes visiting the website, and faces no issue while using it. User-friendly websites are something that is often taken into concern by the people. Other than that, focusing on having a mobile-friendly website is also much needed because this feature is crucial for the future, and due to the rapid growth in the use of mobile phones instead of computers.


  1. Keywords in Meta titles and descriptions are not important:

Yet another misconception about search engine optimization or SEO is that there is no such need of a keyword in the titles of some content and the Meta descriptions. This myth is once again something completely false although people follow it due to not researching it, nor do they opt for an SEO agency in Pakistan that can guide them. We need to know that keywords play a very important role in making people click on your website on the search engine. People often select to click on a website and open it only if it has the words they have searched on the internet. Hence, keywords are crucial for titles and Meta descriptions equally.


  1. Researching keywords is unnecessary and useless:

The next myth that we all have heard is that researching about which keywords should be used and which shouldn’t is completely unnecessary. I guess we know how stupid this myth is after talking about the importance of keywords in the myth above. Keywords are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and should not be treated as something secondary. Hence, having a clear research about which keywords should be used in the content of your website that will help you towards scoring more consumers from the search engine and definitely help you rank better is undoubtedly crucial.


  1. Good SEO ranking would remain constant:

We all know that rankings on Google or any other search engine keeps on changing. Maintaining your good ranking requires time, effort, and constant surveillance over it. Hence, search engine optimization definitely helps you to reserve your position on the search engine, but it also needs efforts to compete with other websites on the same search result page to rank higher than them by bringing new strategies to your SEO service, and by being strong at the old ones.


  1. Why hire a digital marketing agency when we can do it ourselves?

The last search engine optimization (SEO) myth that we’re going to mention is that businesses often believe that hiring a digital marketing agency in Pakistan is completely useless and that online marketing does not really need professionals to help them in marketing their own business.

Internet marketing needs professionals just like every other job does. These agencies have special SEO teams that are pro at their works and do not need guidance to take your business to a better position.

Search engine optimization, shortly SEO, is one of the most crucial digital marketing services when it comes to promoting your own brand. Also, this service is being opted by every small to large scale business of any niche due to the rising competition in the markets. Hence, taking all of these factors into concern, one always needs a digital marketing agency to fulfill its marketing goals.

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Content Marketing A Game Changer in eCommerce

Content marketing a game changer in ecommerce

Is your content marketing strategy failing? This question plagues many people in the online marketing field. While numerous companies are working on content marketing it is surprising to see that most businesses are not very successful or aren’t nearly as successful as they should be. This is because less than 6% of marketers are confident in the execution of their own content marketing strategy. Marketers have noticed how more and more businesses are understanding the value of content marketing and how it could fuel the brand. Every digital marketing agency Pakistan and even the international ones would agree that content marketing provides businesses new ways of using a brand’s unique insight to pitch in prospective buyers. Our content marketing experts are familiar with intricate ways of tailoring content marketing to drive the highest quality leads possible. Our experts create a comprehensive strategy to create compelling content that is beneficial for your conversions.

Content marketing a game changer in ecommerce

By performing research of your target audience, our experts create interesting content according to the direct interests of your audience which results in drastic multiplication of relevant traffic.

One of the greatest benefits of having quality content written for your website is the fact that it establishes your brand’s credibility because most of the users tend to trust those brands that offer engaging content. We write engaging as well as well-researched articles that enforce the user to trust whatever the conclusion is being made. This trust level will help you get an increased conversion rate.

Traditional marketing strategies have opened gates for digital channels. Those traditional ways included postal letters and phone directory optimization, which are dead now. Today, when everything is online no brand would be able to execute a grand presence without an online presence. Every passing day begins with the evolution of content marketing and brings in newer methods to engage potential customers on social media. Social media marketing is the key to success.

In the field of marketing, engagement is not confined to a certain stage. Before creating a certain content, you need to highlight your engagement objectives to design your content marketing strategy then it becomes relatively easy to work. However, it requires a lot of brainstorming to create interactive content that gets clicked and initiates engagement with users. A survey conducted by Demand Gen Report revealed that Content is crucial, as 47% of buyers viewed at least 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with sales representatives.

The content marketing field is constantly evolving thus we are looking for new ways to work diligently to improve our existing campaigns. We are striving to improve the ranking of articles and make them more meaningful to your lead generation and SEO efforts. Content marketing is a lot like other aspects of the business; it takes weeks and even months of work to get successful. If you feel your strategy is failing it is most likely due to the lack of not having a well written and well-executed plan. Now is the time to change that. You need to get your content marketing strategy back on track and work even harder.

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Is digital marketing the real deal for your new start-up?

Digital marketin the real deal for your new startup

When it comes to types of marketing strategies, believe me, the decision to choose one is a struggle.

I agree that a decade ago there was no such concept as digital marketing in the market. Yet, if we actually sit and think, then we’d probably realize that a decade ago, there was no such thing as hype over marketing either.

Digital marketin the real deal for your new startup


With the statement above, it is crucial to know what marketing really is. Also, how has it become a significant part of everything during the past few years? Marketing is considered a necessity now, and we can’t imagine any business running without it in the next few years. Hence, the hype of marketing is growing every year, and it’s real.

Why digital marketing is the real deal?

As the world has become a global village, one does not actually read a hard-copy of a flier or pick-up phone calls that are made just to market a product. No. The days are simply gone from our lives. With the growing interests of the people in everything online, from reading e-papers to purchasing goods, digital marketing services have become the priority of every business.

Digital marketing, in layman term, is known as online marketing. As social media has become a significant part of our lives, hence it has become a significant solution. Digital marketing may also be known as ‘modern marketing’ as it uses every type of new technology to advertise and market brands through ways that attract customers easily.

What types of services does a digital marketing agency provide?

Every digital marketing agency provides a variety of services and competes with countless other brands for their clients in every way possible.

The services they provide are attractive. From website start-ups to SEO services, they have it all.

Hence, listing down all the services that a digital marketing agency Pakistan namely Aimhike is all set to provide to its clients:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. PPC Advertisement
  4. Branding
  5. Email marketing
  6. Custom web design
  7. Ecommerce development
  8. App development
  9. Data Analysis
  10. Landing page design


The list might go on because digital marketing agencies do not compromise on the services they provide and work to create brand value and recognition in every aspect.

Reasons why you need to opt for a digital marketing agency for your start-up:

  1. It makes you more visible in the market:

Starting your own business, visibility in the market becomes a significant aspect for you. The process is slow but very important. Also, taking baby steps towards your brand recognition is a complete fail if you consider the thought today. Hence, you need digital marketing services that are not only cost-effective but promise you brand recognition in a time period that is half the time of your manual brand recognition strategy.


  1. You can easily expand the outreach of your customers:

There is no lie that digital marketing connects you with the brand consumers that often leads you to know whether they like your product or the services you provide or not. Customer response towards anything is a crucial aspect of every business. Hence, responding to customer complaints and answering their questions on emails and websites may lead them to think of your business as a reputable one which actually cares about customer response.


  1. Your marketing strategy can be a bit more consistent:

Marketing your brand by yourself will definitely not be an easy job. Letting agencies handle your marketing services will give your start-up almost the same brand value as the larger brands. This would lead to them competing with a small start-up like yours over everything. Digital marketing agencies hence will provide you with equal quality of services that they provide to their bigger clients because you matter!


  1. Educates customers about the products your brand offers:

A digital marketing agency, also known as an online or modern marketing agency will help you by reviewing your products and educating the consumers about them. From graphic to content, these agencies would go for anything that creates awareness among the consumers over the products and services you offer to your customers.



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Some common misconceptions about digital marketing

Some common misconceptions about digital marketing

Digital marketing, the latest strategy in the marketing business has risen in no time and has, without a doubt, taken over the traditional marketing strategies within a few years.

With the overgrowing role of social media and the power of the internet in our lives, one definitely expected this to happen.

Some common misconceptions about digital marketing

Digital marketing, or social media marketing, has been influencing people since quite a few years now since the use of the internet has doubled. The strategies of digital performance marketing include SEO, content marketing, social media, websites, emails, PPC, and PR building online. These strategies not only help the business to have a stable reputation, but also become famous and achieve new heights without a lot of efforts.

Yet, some of the businesses still don’t believe in this new marketing trend and consider it irrational. Hence, following are some of the misconceptions about the digital marketing which are definitely illogical.

  1. Digital marketing is very time consuming:

One thing you need to know while running your own business is that, you cannot work on its marketing yourself. Hence, hiring a digital performance marketing agency is a smart move when it comes to you wanting successful marketing for your business. And also, you need to be patient, because you can’t expect your business to rise from the ashes in no time with the marketing skills.


  1. Digital marketing is only for large businesses:

Yet another misconception about digital marketing by startups and businesses running on a small-scale is that digital marketing strategies are applicable only for large and successful businesses. Hence, this is completely wrong. Digital marketing agencies treat all businesses equally and have tools especially for startups and small business to build their PR within the people and in the market.


  1. Digital marketing works only for selected business types:

Often, businesses believe that they do not require digital performance marketing just because their business type does not fit for it. Well, digital marketing does not need a specific type of business for it. Also, it is more than just social media marketing. Hence, you always need to build the PR of your business. So, if social media tools do not work for you, then you can always go for the other tools and services the agencies provide, like SEO, website setup, and content.


  1. Digital marketing aims only at youngsters:

This may have been the truth a decade ago, but this is definitely not the truth anymore. There was a time when the use of the internet was restricted to the youngsters, but with the passage of time and the growing interest of the people of any age group in the internet, aiming at every generation is possible. This is why digital marketing is not just to target the teenage audience, but also the older ones.


  1. Digital marketing is expensive:

Often companies and businessmen still believe that if something is new, then it’s probably expensive. Although, the concept is totally wrong. Digital marketing is less expensive than all the traditional marketing strategies, and that is the truth. Traditional marketing strategies need a huge amount of money for campaigns, brochures, and banners, while digital marketing needs a set of teams and creative mindsets. Also, the amount spent on digital performance marketing is well sought out with no extra expenses.


  1. The business tycoons of our country have not turned towards digital marketing either:

Many businessmen still have this thinking that if their competitors or the leading tycoons are still stuck to the traditional ways of marketing then why should they move on to the digital way? With a huge amount of consumers getting attracted by the digital marketing ways every day, there is a possibility that the businessmen with this thinking start losing a lot of their potential consumers, just because their marketing ways got rusted on the way. Hence, changing mindsets along with technology is extremely important.

Digital marketing strategies may be considered a hassle at first, but it has become a significant source to attract the modern consumers of today with their creativity over the internet. Hence, these fallacies about online marketing need to be omitted from the minds, and marketers should adopt this new trend of marketing for a successful business.


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