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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing – All You Need to Know

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The usual mindset among the masses is that, OFF-Page SEO is all about and is JUST about link. No it is way more deeper than that. It is not just about your blog’s URL in hyperlink on another famous blog. It is one of the driving factor but it’s not the only one. However, smart bloggers and content marketers always start with On-Page SEO that enables them to create a difference through building such a powerful On-Page SEO loop that wouldn’t require that much of a help from the Off-Page SEO pattern and uniform. But the world of Off-Page even deeper than On-Page SEO. To explore Off-Page SEO we should first know what it actually is.

What is Off-Page SEO? 

Off-Page SEO refers to all the activities you do to raise your blog’s ranking after you’ve published it. Mostly, blogger confuse it with link building but link building is just a fragment of Off-Page SEO. To sum it up in a few words, On-Page SEO deals with all the optimization that happens in your blog/website while Off-Page SEO happens outside the blog. Writing guests posts, other blogs and leaving comments is Off-Page SEO.


Link Building and its Importance

The SEO and Link Building landscape is always changing and it goes without saying that it reaching new heights every minute. As the internet is becoming more congested, links are getting more common which is constantly changing the search-engine ranking graph. But the importance of generating high-quality links has never been this higher.

To understand the importance of link building we must first know the definition of link building. Link building is the process of attaching hyperlinks from other websites to your own blog. A hyperlink (or just link) is the way for your users to navigate through the internet with the help of links found in websites. Search Engines crawl through websites and internet with the help of links. Links generate a vague body of another internet within the internet giving birth to a whole new paradigm which is also a medium for users to travel through the web 2.0.

SMM and its Importance

SMM abbreviates Social Media Marketing which is nowadays one of the driving forces behind the internet economics. Social Media Marketing is the ever growing industry that has been through a number of transformations. SMM involves paid advertising as well as other clever mediums like Twitter Trends and Facebook Viral Videos. To simplify it further, if you’re using Facebook and you see an ad, that’s SMM in action.

The importance is SMM can defined in just a simple sentence, without SMM the chances of making money will be as low as 10%. SEO and SMO are the methods that require time and strategy. SMM is just paid advertising that gives quick results. Many new startups run a 7-day paid Facebook campaign just to get the audience feedback on their product.



Whether it’s Link Building or SMM, they both are fundamental fragments of Off-Page SEO. If you’re planning to go for one of them then you should know that no matter what sort of marketing it is, it will need you to be focused in your goals and calm as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Targeted link building strategies 2016

link building strategies

Link building is the turning dead as believed by many, but the matter of fact is that it still runs as blood in SEO strategies of 2016. Today it is not just about posting link anywhere and everywhere you find content. It is about mixing your creativity in the old school link building strategy. This should be kept in mind that today it is more about quality links to be posted as compare to quantity.

Targeted link building helps one in building relationship by targeting on a specific link. But the question is how to work efficiently in the domain. Here is the 3 step solution that will work for you in 2016.

Link Acquisition Discovery

This is the first step where one discovers the avenues of link acquisition in the related field. It can be thorough relevant communities, press, publications, intersection and competitive link. This is the research step where one discovers the need of target link building. It should be kept in mind that if your page is already in at least top 20 search engine results and the page is structurally sound with measurable impact then it is a green signal for going ahead with link building search.

Different Platform Diverse Strategy

One needs to identify which platform to be focused on more and which one to give less importance. For 1 to 1 reach link building through direct email or tweets might be a good idea. If one wants to broad cast to mass audience social network sharing, press releases and blogs can be a good idea. For narrow targeting social ads, retargeting and display work wonder with investment of money. The mix and match of everything with close watch on result can take one long way.

Execution and Testing

Here the combination of different strategies with a flick of innovation is executed with continuous brain storming and close eye on results. Always remember this that content, graphics, pitch, timing and a number of factors should be monitored for improvement even when things are working fine.

Any moment your internal voice or the group eco tells you that target link building strategy needs to be altered, do make sure you listen to it.

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SEO-off page optimization technique in 2016

[tie_full_img]Off page optimization 2016[/tie_full_img]

For successful SEO strategy it is crucial that people start from on page optimization, as it is the place where the need of visitor is claimed to be satisfied. When the page is full fledge ready, it is time to go for off-page optimization. It is the marketing of your website to get better position in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) that ultimately led to “call to action” goal.

Social Media Networking

The social networking has gain strong roots in off page optimization as it work as a reputation builder giving you the opportunity to advertise, market, create and maintain your online presence. The top of the mind networks used for the purpose include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. One needs to identify the most appropriate platform(s) for the product or service they offer and devise a spot on strategy.

Blog Creation and Marketing

Blogs are the most appropriate platforms that you can use in your favor, considering the content richness being available. We all know that famous search engine Google favor quality content, so here is the space to prove the metal. This results in better ranking because of frequent crawling of search engine.  Info-graphics, top lists, videos and tutorials can generate greater sticking point that reduce the bounce rate. You can use famous blog related to your product or service to share content or simply comment with your link in between.

Video Promotion or Picture Sharing

The videos and pictures are more engaging as compare to anything else. Using it in your off-page optimization can help in better traffic flow. For video sharing Youtube is the oldest and tested source though dailymotion, Metacafe, vessel and a number of others are there to support. For picture sharing use of Instagram is the new buzz in town, though Flicker, Picasa, Picli and a number of others are also there.

These are the major sources for off-page optimization in 2016, though there are a number of other ways mixed and matched together for best result generation.

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