Bing Ads vs Google AdWords:case study: which offers the better value?

Bing Ads vs Google Adwords

Bing Ads vs Google Adwords

While talking to group of PPC mediums, the topic of Bing Ads vs Google Adwords surfaced. Google Adwords turned out to be the winner because of greater loyal base and results to prove worth. But what was noticeable thing in the debate was the fact Bing Ads advantages are not known to many. This article is not about promotion of Bing Ads, but rather a neutral view of which campaign platform works betters.

Target Audience

While working through different campaigns we realized that Bing Ads works for much mature audience of middle age to early forties. So if you are into business like home services, advertising through Bing Ads can be pretty fruitful. The Google Adwords on the other hand, has huge chunk of young people. So products and services focused on teens and young adults have better results on Google Adwords.

Size of Competition

It should also be kept in mind that Google Adwords has a much bigger pool for high volume traffic generation. The number of people who uses Bing Ads is undeniably low, but the quality of relevant clicks has higher probability. When we analyzed through a sample test run campaign, the results show that overall conversion ratio of Bing Ads are higher with lower cost per click (CPC), minimal cost per lead (CPL) and better positioning. There is much less competition that gives you a wider ground to show your advertising skills with creativity to showcase in a unique attention-grabbing way.

Better Option

No one can suggest you to import all your campaigns from Google Adwords and run it on Bing Ads exclusively. As the Google Adwords is an expert player that your team has probably greater experience working on and generating sure shot results. But Bing Ads is more like an untapped platform that might support you more than you expect. It needs to be explored by continuous trial with margin of error kept in mind. One should know the limit of budget that needs to be invested and should stick to it. The advantage of Bing is that it provides import from Google campaign option, that reduces the work requirement to start from scratch, yet there are few technicalities that you need to manage on the way. The most prominent limitation is that keywords cannot be edited when you import from Google, rather you need to set new campaign for the purpose.

At last we can say depending upon the nature/ size of your business, you should identify the platform that works for you. But you can give both of them a fair chance to check the worth of your money at the very minute, giving you long-term benefits.

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How to learn PPC-3 useful tips

Learn PPC

Learn PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the need of the day for businesses that want target customers to be aware of the brand or its new offer. In PPC you bid for a highly relatable keyword, so when it appears on paid listing of search engine/ social media and is clicked you pay for it. You can always limit your budget or pause the campaign.

As it is said that 71% of the internet queries are satisfied through search engine so learning PPC is worth the pain.

Learn From Different Sources

There is a lot of material available on internet related to PPC, and the best part is that it is completely free. So check from different sources like presentations, tutorials and anything else you find on internet. But do make sure that you go for authentic sources like slideshare, youtube. But first you should start with the bibles of PPC like Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land. Take a lot of notes before going to implementation part.

 Try What You Have Learned

Create an account on Google Adwords and try to implement what you have learned. It is best that you start with a product from client, but you can also go for some of your own interest product too. Start from keyword research and build a PPC campaign. Make sure that the landing page is predefined and have been built in accordance to the call to action facility. Remember, PPC generates quick results so having a BUY NOW feature is crucial for the landing page. Try with different variations of advertisement and allocate small budget initially.  Analyze and find out what works best for the business and continue with it.

Keep Yourself Update

You can even learn from experts in the field by following their blogs, interviews and tutorials to find the best practices.  Join different groups and forums to be an active PPC learner having real time interaction with those who have been in business for a longer period of time.

These are few easy steps to learn PPC based on which you can also join the league of the instant return internet marketing strategy.

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How to calculate PPC ROI

PPC ROI Calculation

PPC ROI Calculation

No matter you are employing Pay Per Click (PPC) for the first time or have been old in this game, calculating return on investment (ROI) is crucial to better functionality and campaign optimization.  Some people work on cost per conversion only, quickly calculating it in mind and going ahead with next campaign initiation. The strategy has worked for many people, yet it is best to do a bit more homework, for better results. There are three basic components on which return on investment should be calculated.

  • Conversion Ratio (CR)
  • Average Sales
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

It should be kept in mind that conversion ratio and average sales are directly proportional ROI, which when increased lead to increase of ROI. The cost per click has inverse relationship with ROI, as if the cost per click increases, the ROI decreases.

Formula of ROI

(Profit – Cost)/ Cost

Return On Investment In PPC- Real Term

The ROI can be calculated by being very clear about what will be included in cost and way to calculate profit. PPC click cost is not limited to PPC campaign only, rather it includes all the cost associated in making and delivering the product or service. It should include the salaries of customer support representatives, employees involved in cold calling and fixed cost of running the website with the aid of technical staff, servers and equipments.
Even before starting the PPC campaign you should be clear about the way to maximize profit within best cost. Here multiple technical factors including right keyword and setting right budget within the right time frame. Profit can be calculated in two ways:

  • Profit Per Impression
  • Profit Per Click

Depending on your product/ service, you need to decide in what terms will you be working in PPC campaign.

The Easy ROI Calculation

Many advertiser use return on ad spend (ROAS) to calculate the return on investment. Though calculation lack depth, but it s a good way to start with PPC calculation and bid management.

The formula is as follows:
(PPC Revenue – PPC Cost) / PPC Cost
There are a number of tools available online that can aid you in managing ROI in the best way, by telling you the CPC benchmark in your industry. The CR should be at least 1% while for lead generation 3-5% is better.

Hence the basics of calculations remain same, but you should explore new ways to optimize your PPC campaign.

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SEO or PPC Which is Better




Being part of digital age, internet marketing has become crucial for survival in the online world. The cost of marketing online has significantly reduced over the years with traditional marketing taking back seat. If you talk about the PPC and SEO, there is a fight of which is beneficial. People in business are always confused in which one to choose, so here the experts come into the battle field. Varying as according to the stage your business is in, both have their own significance.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO consist of variety of strategic way by which one brings maximum number of visitors on website. The ultimate purpose is to be not only top of the mind solution provider to customer but also to the search engine. This is done by achieving the goal of appearing high on the search engine ranking page (SERP). This is a time consuming process as it requires better organic results attainment by employing diverse strategies for an extended period of time. The major strategy is the use of keyword rich content at the right place that is able to drive long tail searches smoothly.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

PPC is a model of internet advertising in which when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement and lands on website of interest. As it is more expected that visitor clicked on the advertisement with the intent to satisfy his certain, indicated in ad, need. It is the means of generating direct form of traffic on the website with the use of worth a click advertisement and well designed landing page. The expertise is required to choose the right medium to display your advertisement and instant results are generated.

Long Term Relation Vs Short Term Fame

SEO is an on-going process that starts with small but consistent results more like a relationship that takes time in strengthening. The PPC, on the other hand, generates results the moment you start putting money. In many cases the result decreases drastically the moment you stop investing your budget. Hence it can be said that PPC is more like fame that is instant and short term.

So is SEO better than PPC?

The answer is NO, as for generating awareness about product or promoting a new offer PPC is the best option. But if you back it with proper SEO, you can make long term growth too.

Therefore using both SEO and PPC together can aid you in sustaining your position in the market.

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Difference Between Google Adwords and Google Adsense

Google adwords vs Google Adsense

Google adwords vs Google Adsense

Google Adwords vs Google Adsense

Google is a free search engine that has build customer base over the years. As it is a online behemoth that is not based no money making framework working on charity. So the strategy to make money is through Google Adwords and Google Adsence.

It facilitates individual and business owners to make money by advertising and publishing contents on Google and its affiliated partners. Many people get confused between Adword and Adsense.

Google Adwords for Advertiser Advantage

We will try to understand the concept by considering advertisers in mind, as they are the ones who reap greater benefits from it.

Comparison with Off-line Advertising Concept

We will try to understand Google Adwords by searching through old school off-line advertising concept. In off-line advertising, campaign on electronic and print media was employed for reaching customers, which cost a lot of money with return on investment (ROI), calculated in long-run. But the internet has made everything quick and crystal clear. Today bigger and better campaigns are run on the gigantic search engine Google and their affiliated websites. These campaigns termed as Google Adwords, are run by Google to support the functionality of their free tools and on parallel level support different advertisers to showcase their product and service.

Setting Up and Managing Campaigns with Adwords

Like traditional advertising hitting the right people is crucial for result generation, so when you setup a campaign Google Adwords system helps you in choosing right keywords that helps in reaching relevant audience. The setting up of Adwords account is free, although to create and run campaign you need to set budget. It can be based on either cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ratio or pay per click (PPC) ratio that you decide when starting off with the campaign. You can easily manage time period of campaign by either the success ratio or run out of money. The best part is that you can even pause/ stop the campaign in between the time you have specified in the beginning.

This helps your ads to reach the search engine result page of your potential customers. Hence when your customer search for something related to your business they see your advertisement.

Google Adsense for Publisher Advantage

Google Adsense is an account set up that distributes ads that are available on Google Adwords. It is not limited to search engine results only, but also to relevant websites. Here publisher gets the edge, so its perspective is considered.

How To Showcase Your Website

Being a website owner, publisher, you can easily earn money by showcasing advertisement related to your website. You just need to make an account and share your website and update your information. Taking an example of fashion trends website the concept can be explained. If your website tells about fashion trends of women, you can make money by having advertisement of brands selling clothes, accessories, shoes and much more.

Why Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is more reliable,easy to setup and safe payment program than other advertisement options. Google Adsense does it for you and in return you get money through them instead of having it directly by different brands.
Hence Google Adwords is an advertising mechanism, while Google Adsense is the distributor of these ads.
Please watch this video for understanding it in better way..

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