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Difference Between Google Adwords and Google Adsense

Google adwords vs Google Adsense

Google adwords vs Google Adsense

Google Adwords vs Google Adsense

Google is a free search engine that has build customer base over the years. As it is a online behemoth that is not based no money making framework working on charity. So the strategy to make money is through Google Adwords and Google Adsence.

It facilitates individual and business owners to make money by advertising and publishing contents on Google and its affiliated partners. Many people get confused between Adword and Adsense.

Google Adwords for Advertiser Advantage

We will try to understand the concept by considering advertisers in mind, as they are the ones who reap greater benefits from it.

Comparison with Off-line Advertising Concept

We will try to understand Google Adwords by searching through old school off-line advertising concept. In off-line advertising, campaign on electronic and print media was employed for reaching customers, which cost a lot of money with return on investment (ROI), calculated in long-run. But the internet has made everything quick and crystal clear. Today bigger and better campaigns are run on the gigantic search engine Google and their affiliated websites. These campaigns termed as Google Adwords, are run by Google to support the functionality of their free tools and on parallel level support different advertisers to showcase their product and service.

Setting Up and Managing Campaigns with Adwords

Like traditional advertising hitting the right people is crucial for result generation, so when you setup a campaign Google Adwords system helps you in choosing right keywords that helps in reaching relevant audience. The setting up of Adwords account is free, although to create and run campaign you need to set budget. It can be based on either cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ratio or pay per click (PPC) ratio that you decide when starting off with the campaign. You can easily manage time period of campaign by either the success ratio or run out of money. The best part is that you can even pause/ stop the campaign in between the time you have specified in the beginning.

This helps your ads to reach the search engine result page of your potential customers. Hence when your customer search for something related to your business they see your advertisement.

Google Adsense for Publisher Advantage

Google Adsense is an account set up that distributes ads that are available on Google Adwords. It is not limited to search engine results only, but also to relevant websites. Here publisher gets the edge, so its perspective is considered.

How To Showcase Your Website

Being a website owner, publisher, you can easily earn money by showcasing advertisement related to your website. You just need to make an account and share your website and update your information. Taking an example of fashion trends website the concept can be explained. If your website tells about fashion trends of women, you can make money by having advertisement of brands selling clothes, accessories, shoes and much more.

Why Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is more reliable,easy to setup and safe payment program than other advertisement options. Google Adsense does it for you and in return you get money through them instead of having it directly by different brands.
Hence Google Adwords is an advertising mechanism, while Google Adsense is the distributor of these ads.
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Benefits of Online advertising with Google AdWords

benefits of Google adwords

benefits of Google adwords

The traditional advertising has started taking back seat with the advent of online advertising. Google has a major role to play in reaching millions of homes with resources and cost of process reduced to minimal. The Google AdWords helps businesses reach the right audience by offering a predefined time and place compatible solution. The ubiquity of web is best utilized here by giving multiple platform compatible option. Whether you are using desktop PC, laptops, smart phones and tablets Google Adwords offers best solution on the go.

Ads Targeting the Right Audience

As there are two types of advertising networks namely search network and display network. The search network as the name implies are text advertisements that are available next to Google search results. They help in reaching customers that are looking for a specific product or service. The display network on the other hand uses a number of websites, mobile sites and apps that work in partnership with Google. They gave ad formats that people of wide interests are likely to click. These ads focus more on brand awareness, increase engagements and builds loyalty. Here one can get creative and be more specific about ad placement and target market.

World is Your Customer Base

The best part of online advertising with Google Adwords is that the whole world can be your customer. You can target any country subject to the fact that they are internet literate. Now African countries are also being targeted as the previously untapped markets are even coming under the umbrella of Google usage.

Being Part of Already developed Search Market

Anyone can become part of already developed Google Search market to show case ads. As it is estimated that everyday 250 million searches happens, so the market is ready to see your ad. One just need to be creative with designing, content and placement factor and here you are ready to engage your customers in the best way.

Technical Benefit

The best part of Google Adwords campaigns are that there is no minimum spending, quick adjustment when needed, daily reviews, campaign can be stopped or pause any moment and one gets instant results. So the moment you start a campaign you have full command exclusively making you the boss in success.
One is able to generate business for itself and even be there for their customers while sleeping. It is because of this the benefits out-weight the cost. It makes both customers and brands reap the benefit of timely and appropriate reach.

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